Enthusiastic Mac & Cheese

Our son is a picky eater. He may love to eat something for a few days then refuse to eat it ever again. You never know what he will or won’t eat on any given day, aside from bananas and turkey bacon. I found this recipe for healthy mac and cheese on Pinterest and thought it sounded like something both my husband and I would eat even if our son wouldn’t. I know what you are thinking….that’s nice…healthy mac and cheese…this woman is delusional and must not have a single taste bud. I was skeptical as well, but I thought it was worth trying. Our son sometimes like Annie’s Organic Mac and Cheese. So why not make something from scratch that is just as easy as making something from a box?

mac and cheese


Here is the link to the recipe I used http://cookingalamel.com/2013/08/creamy-greek-yogurt-mac-cheese.html?crlt.pid=camp.wQI0ejUBdpOm

I of course made some changes. I used 3 different types of cheeses. I find that cheddar cheese alone can be greasy and not very flavorful. I used fiesta blend cheese, Italian blend, and mozzarella. I have made this recipe several times since then and I change up the cheese each time depending on what I have in my fridge. I also used onion & herb and garlic & herb Mrs. Dash. Let me tell you, our picky eater devoured this mac and cheese. Prior to this mac and cheese we had never witnessed him eat anything with such enthusiasm. My husband however is not a huge fan of Greek yogurt; he simply does not appreciate the tang. I have made the recipe with plain regular yogurt as well but you must add more herbs to compensate for the lack of tang. Our son loves this recipe. If you don’t believe me, here is photo of him happily eating it.

easton mac and cheese



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